Project Description
An Ajax based page to a show guitar tabs on iPhone.

I keep my guitar tabs and chords and use the in my spare time. So far, I was able to access them from my desktop or laptop when trying them out. Occasionally I need them when I am somewhere.

So, I was thinking of accessing them from my iPhone or iPad. I did some changes to CSS file to make the pages more readable on my iphone.

Yet not satisfied!... So I came up with a designated page for showing my files.

The page is using a TabList.xml to get avaiable songs to show. In that file I also keep the location of the exact URL to the file to show. This list file is automatically built using a seporate VS project in this solution.
The main project is a simple website with one simple page that shows the files using AJAX and styled specially for iPhone.

my desktop guitar tabs are here :
and live version of this project is here:


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